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MITCH® is a premier men’s hair styling line that offers workable, long-lasting styles for everyday looks. With products ranging from moderate to maximum hold and ultra-matte to high shine, this top brand tailors to every guy’s personal style.

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  • Heavy Hitter Deep Cleansing Shampoo

  • Double Hitter 2 in 1 Shampoo

  • Construction Paste

  • Hardwired Spiking Hair Glue

  • Steady Grip Gel

  • Barber’s Classic Pomade

  • Clean Cut Styling Hair Cream

  • Reformer Texturizer

  • Matterial Styling Hair Clay

  • Reformer Texturizing Hair Putty

Great hair starts with a great foundation. MITCH® daily hair cleansing products feature high-performing ingredients and a clean scent to make great grooming easy.