Gratuity Free 

Yes, That's Right,  No Tipping, EVER!

No Tip??

So What Drives Us To Provide

The Most Unforgettable Salon Experience......

Every Client

Every Service

Every Time

Our Passion For The Beauty Industry

Personal Accountability & Integrity

Dedication to Our Clients

 Things Better 

Than A Tip




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More On The

Subject of Tips....

Who Do We Tip?

Waitstaff & Waiters

Bartenders & Bellhops

Valets & Taxis
Food Delivery Drivers

House Keeping

 Tipping is meant to encourage better service.

A means to share the wealth with a hardworking but underpaid and untrained worker.

 To make up for the lack in wages because a job does not pay enough for a person to live on.


Tips allow the owners of certain businesses to depend on another stream of funding for salaries, Rather than pay a livable wage to all positions in the company.   

So rather than just rewarding good service, the customer is contributing to the subsidizing of certain jobs in that business sector.


Who We Don't Tip? Licensed Professionals



Auto Mechanics


Social Worker

Dental Hygienist


We do not tip professionals with a

degree or specialized license

These professionals  

charge what their services are worth 


They are Specialists in their field and know the value of their time and skills


Most of their Services  

CAN NOT be bought online  


Usually Illegal for someone to perform the same services without the same formal training or education. 

We Value Our Licensed Professionals

  • We Respect Their Time and Skills

  • We Charge Their Worth For Services

  • We Do Not Allow Tips To Control Our Environment  or Quality of Service

  • We Do Not Need To Supplement Their Income With Tips

  • We Teach Them To Be Proud Of Their Profession and To Give 100% All Of The Time.

 #1 Question Asked By Salon Customer's 

" How Much Should I Tip?"

At The Gossip Shop Salon,

You Never Have To Ask That Question Again!